Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports meets Mongolian Paralympic team

Officials and athletes at receiving ceremony

Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports J.Batsuuri met with the Mongolia national Paralympic team, which last week returned from the Rio 2016 Paralympics, on September 26.

The Mongolian Paralympic team, which consists of eight athletes, brought home two bronze medals from Rio 2016. The bronze medals were won by judoka B.Uugankhuu and powerlifter E.Sodnompiljee.

Archers D.Baatarjav and B.Oyun-Erdene came in fourth place in the mixed team category at Rio 2016. Athlete G.Tsogtgerel came in fifth place in the women’s shot put event.

During the meeting, Minister J.Batsuuri said, “Congratulations on raising the stage flag of Mongolia in Rio de Janeiro. I am very happy that all of you worked so hard and achieved, but we can’t forget one thing. This year’s Paralympics taught us a lesson. You always have to think about the next Paralympics and train. We will support and help you with everything we can.”


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