The Mongolian Best Fighters’ Association and Japanese mixed martial arts association DEEP jointly organized a 7 vs. 7 fight titled “MGL-1 Fighting Championship” at the Wrestling Palace on September 24.

From the Mongolian side, martial artists A.Uuganbayar, T.Ganbayar, Ts.Amarsanaa, B.Azjavkhlan, Kh.Amartuvshin, O.Purev and M.Bayarmaa fought in the Mongolia-Japan 7 vs. 7 matchup.

From the Japanese side, fighters Ochi Haru, Kazuhide Shirota, Nakamura Daisuke, Sakai Riu, Shimabukuro Chikara, Shimoishi Kota and Nagano Mika participated in the fight.

Female fighters participated in the 7 vs. 7 fight for the first time, which was one of the highlights of the tournament.

Mongolia won five fights and lost two.

The first fight was between A.Uuganbaatar and Ochi Haru. Ochi Haru defeated A.Uuganbaatar.

Fighter of Mongolia B.Azjavkhlan went up against Kazuhide Shirota and scored Mongolia’s first victory.

B.Azjavkhlan (right)
B.Azjavkhlan (right)

The third fight was between M.Bayarmaa of Mongolia and Japan’s Nagano Mika. M.Bayarmaa almost landed a knockout blow but Mika recovered fast. The match ended with a victory for M.Bayarmaa.

M.Bayarmaa defeats Nagano Mika
M.Bayarmaa defeats Nagano Mika

Top fighter of DEEP Nakamura Daisuke fought against Ts.Amarsanaa. Their match ended when Ts.Amarsanaa landed a knockout blow to Daisuke in the second round.

Fighter of Shandas MMA T.Ganbayar battled against Sakai Riu and won.

Mongolian fighter O.Purev beat Shimabukuro Chikara by judges’ decision in the sixth fight.

The last fight was between Kh.Amartuvshin of Mongolia and Shimoishi Kota of Japan. The Japanese fighter ended the tournament with a victory.

Director of the Mongolian Best Fighters’ Association U.Gantumur said, “Specialists at DEEP watched last year’s National MMA Championship, and proposed to hold a joint training and tournament. Through their proposal, we sent Ts.Amarsanaa and B.Azjavkhlan to Japan and they participated in a fight in Japan. During that tournament, our fighters knocked out their rivals in the first rounds. The Japanese side liked their fighting techniques and proposed a 7 vs. 7 fight.”


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