A new traffic safety rule will take effect on September 1. The rights and duties of drivers and pedestrians were reflected on these new rules.

The following 24 traffic penalties will be imposed starting September 1.

1. 19,200 MNT for stopping a vehicle on pedestrian crossings

2. 48,000 MNT and up to six months of license suspension for speeding

3. 384,000 MNT and six to 24 months of license suspension for driving under the influence

4. 30 days of detainment for repeated driving under the influence

5. 960,000 MNT for traffic lights that cause road accidents (applicable to private companies that regulate traffic lights)

6. 9,600 MNT for not making way for pedestrians at crossings

7. 19,200 MNT for using long distance light at close range

8. 48,000 MNT for driving a vehicle without lights

9. 19,200 MNT for driving too slowly and causing traffic congestion

10. 960,000 MNT for installing a decelerator without official permission

11. 48,000 MNT for driving while sick

12. 48,000 MNT for driving without documentation or license on person

13. 960,000 MNT for not maintaining road standards (applicable to road contractors)

14. 96,000 MNT for wrong-way driving

15. 96,000 MNT for road signs installed without official permission

16. 48,000 MNT for a pedestrian who breaks traffic rules under the influence of alcohol

17. 48,000 MNT for driving while fatigued

18. 19,200 MNT for not observing traffic rules inside residential areas

19. 19,200 MNT for using the opposing lane to overtake

20. 19,200 MNT for driving on pedestrian way

21. 96,000 MNT for driving a non-registered vehicle

22. 19,200 MNT for crossing on red light

23. 192,000 MNT for driving without a driver’s license

24. 19,200 MNT for not giving way to emergency vehicles