The 2016-2017 school year started on September 1, with 27,629 students enrolled in the first grade and 6,862 students in the tenth grade according to the Metropolitan Education Department (MED). Enrollment for the coming school year commenced on August 22 and ended on August 28.

Following this annual tradition, President Ts.Elbegdorj will teach the first lesson of the year, which will be broadcast on MNB across the country. The lesson, titled “Promoting Mongolia to the World”, will start at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 1.

The President’s first lesson was broadcast in 2009, with the subject of “Global Warming in Mongolia”. In 2010, the subject of the lesson was “Mongolian Pride”, in 2011 “In Great Mongolia”, in 2012 “To Become a Model Citizen From a Young Age”, in 2013 “The Law and the Involvement of Children”, in 2014 “Productive Education, Productive Citizen and Education for Every Child”, and in 2015 “A Right Mindset Means a Right Future”.

Outside of the festivities of the first day of school, there have been a few topics of debate and speculation leading up to September 1. The number of kindergartens available to Mongolian children has been a controversial topic. As reported by Unuudur, only 80 percent of children are able to attend public kindergartens. In past years, many parents have had to wait in line – sometimes for days – to enroll their children in kindergartens. The situation for parents is reported to be better this year. This year, 44 new kindergartens have been given official licenses to operate.

On the other end of the education spectrum, tuition fees at universities will not increase this year according to the MED. However, the monthly stipend program for university students has been suspended.

Traffic in the city is expected to increase following the start of the academic year. Regular traffic restrictions on weekdays will continue tomorrow, but the short-term restrictions on weekends will be lifted.