Mongolian Wrestling Federation bans two coaches who stripped off at Rio 2016

From right: D.Sumiyabazar, D.Dagvadorj, and State Champion A.Sukhbat are bowing in apology

The Mongolian Wrestling Federation held a press conference on August 30, and made a statement on G.Mandakhnaran’s controversy and his two coaches’ misconduct.

Two Mongolian coaches, Ts.Tsogtbayar and B.Bayaraa, stripped their clothes off on the wrestling mat after G.Mandakhnaran’s loss at Rio 2016.

The Mongolian Wrestling Federation believes that their naked protest is unacceptable and broke the rule of the federation. That’s why the Mongolian Wrestling Federation is banning the two coaches from taking part in all activities of the federation for two years.

The federation made this decision on August 29 after the federation’s president D.Dagvadorj tweeted that United World Wrestling is banning Mongolian wrestlers from all international tournaments.

President of the Mongolian Wrestling Federation D.Dagvadorj said, “All Mongolians have been waiting for great results from Rio 2016. Unfortunately, we haven’t achieved enough this time. So we apologize to all Mongolians.”

Officials who attended the press conference stood up and bowed in apology after D.Dagvadorj’s statement.



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