United World Wrestling bans Mongolian wrestlers from international tournaments


United World Wrestling has banned Mongolian wrestlers from international tournaments because of recent controversy surrounding State Honored Athlete G.Mandakhnaran bronze medal match at the Summer Olympics.

President of the Mongolian Wrestling Federation D.Dagvadorj announced the United World Wrestling decision on Twitter.

“United World Wrestling has banned Mongolian freestyle wrestling athletes’ right to compete in the international tournaments on its calendar.

The duration of the ban is indefinite,” D.Dagvadorj tweeted.

United World Wrestling hasn’t made an official statement on the Mongolian ban.

Mongolian coaches Ts.Tsogtbayar and B.Bayaraa stripped off their clothes in pro-
test after G.Mandakhnaran’s loss in the men’s 65 kg. Coach B.Bayaraa said, “United World Wrestling is corrupt. All Mongolians were watching the bout. We won a bronze medal. We did it.”

United World Wrestling condemned the two coaches for what they did, and believes that their naked protest is unacceptable.


  1. What is unacceptable is the kind of judging evident throughout the Rio games. The coaches were rightly outraged and their frustrations understandable. They protested in a peaceful manner. What I do not understand is why an entire nation is banned for this while cheating by other nations does not result in a similarly all encompassing penalty.


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