Mongolia and India consider launching direct flights

PM J.Erdenebat receiving Indian Ambassador Babu

Indian Ambassador to Mongolia Suresh Babu asked Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to study possibilities for launching an Ulaanbaatar-Delhi direct flight to improve business relations and cooperation between the two countries, during a meeting this week.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed hope that friendly and close ties between Mongolia and India will continue in the future.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat said, “Even though Mongolia is facing an economic crisis, our cabinet will implement a long-term economic sustainability policy that considers the nation’s future development. Decreasing the export of mining and agricultural raw materials to domestically produce value-added products will be very helpful for the economy. We are ready to collaborate with India in developing processing industries in Mongolia.”

Ambassador Babu highlighted that he was impressed with the Mongolian elections.

“I saw how Mongolia’s parliamentary elections were held fairly, and how governmental power transferred peacefully as a result of the public’s choices. I was proud of the Mongolian democracy,” the Indian Ambassador stressed.

The ambassador asked the Prime Minister to pay attention to the some of the agreements that were reached during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Mongolia last May. Particularly, the two countries agreed to establish an information technology center in Ulaanbaatar and an Indian-Mongolian joint school. Ambassador Babu also underlined the need for further student exchange between the nations.

The Indian Ambassador underlined that trade turnover between Mongolia and India range from 15 to 20 million USD, which he deems is a poor result. The ambassador also asked the Prime Minister to focus on organizing business meetings regularly


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