Mongolia, Russia, China test border inspection and transit times

During the International Road-Freight Transportation Between China, Mongolia and Russia Forum being held in China. Photo by B.Tsogtgerel

In a brief interview with, Chairman of the Transport Coordination Department of the National Transportation Center J.Enkhbat said that Mongolia now spends only eight minutes to check international transit freight at the border since Mongolia, China, and Russia started conducting transportation tests through China’s Port of Tianjin, Ulaanbaatar, and Russia’s Ulan-Ude from August 13 to 25.

He said on Wednesday, “The international transit transportation test is currently traveling through Chinese territory. Representatives from Mongolia, Russia, and China participating in the transit transportation test are going to take part in the International Transportation Forum being held at Tianjin Port. I want to emphasize that we spent only eight minutes on a border check at Zamiin-Uud Port, which means that the agreement between the three counties is providing positive results.

“During the transit transportation test, border inspection authorities are obliged to conduct quick inspections. Completing the inspection in eight minutes is a great achievement,” Enkhbat underlined.

J.Enkhbat noted that there are four main land transportation routes connecting Eastern Asia and Europe, and the shortest passes through Mongolia and is the most economically efficient route. As of today, around 90 percent of container shipments travel for 45 days by sea, which is inefficient in terms of time. He said that freight transportation by railway from Asia to Europe takes ten days, while road transportation can be conducted in seven days.

J.Enkhbat said that the transit transportation test will return to Zamiin-Uud Port on August 20, and pass through Mongolia. A ceremony for the transit transportation test will be held on August 21, at Dunjingarav Trade Center. He called on the public to participate in this historic event, and asked journalists to attend to promote it.


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