Winners of the men’s 60 kg boxing event of Rio 2016 were announced on August 17. Brazilian boxer Robson Conceicao claimed gold medal in the men’s 60 kg, and silver medal went to Sofiane Oumiha of France. Mongolian boxer D.Otgondalai won bronze medal. Winners received their Olympic medals on August 17.

The following is an interview with D.Otgondalai after he received his Olympic bronze medal.

Congratulations on winning the 26th Olympic medal of Mongolia in history. How are you feeling?

Thank you. I was very sad after losing the silver medal match. But now I am okay. Every fight in the ring was difficult. I will go home with an Olympic medal. I am very happy.

What will you say about your opponents?

A total of 28 boxers competed in the men’s 60 kg category. I had a bye in the first round. It means I had three matches overall. My first opponent was a boxer from the Netherlands. He was younger than me. We fought before. I lost 3:0 in our first encounter.

At the Olympics, I won because I studied him a lot.

In the second fight, I fought against an Algerian boxer. He ranks fifth in the world. I was very confident that I would win. I defeated him as planned.

In the match for silver, I was very surprised by the judges’ verdict. But I am very satisfied with the overall result. I would have defeated the Brazilian boxer if I had won against the French boxer in the silver medal match, because I know the Brazilian’s technique.

Mongolian audiences who were watching your match couldn’t agree with the judges’ decision. They said you should have to won the match and should have fought for gold.

I lost my mind after losing the silver medal. As I told you before, I was very confident that I was winning during the first two rounds.

Yesterday, I watched the videos of my fight. The judging was really unfair, but everything is finished now.

Did you meet the French boxer after the fight?

Yes, I met him in the doping test room.

Did you talk to him?

No, I didn’t. I couldn’t even look at his face. But that is not the athlete’s fault. The decision was made by the judges.

Lots of people are criticizing boxing judges. What do you think?

This kind of situation happens in every tournament. During international tournaments, some boxers cheat to win. There are a lot of boxers who became victims of unfairness.


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