The 11th International Congress of Mongolists (ICM) opened on Monday at the State Palace of Mongolia.

The scale of this year’s congress is larger than ever before, as it has gathered more than 400 researchers from 29 countries. This is a clear indication of how significant Mongolian studies has become in academia today, said a researcher at the congress.

The ICM is held every five years, and is being organized this year for three days under the theme “Mongolian Studies and Sustainable Development”. It is being hosted by the Secretary General of the Mongolian National Council of Mongolian Studies (MNCMS), D.Zayabaatar.

“Sersen Tal” (Awakened Steppe) by music composer B.Sharav was resounded at the opening, followed by speeches by Secretary General of the International Association for Mongol Studies D.Tumurtogoo, President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj, Prime Minister and MNCMS Head J.Erdenebat, and first Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia D.Regdel.

Below is a video of the opening of the 11th ICM.

President Ts.Elbegdorj giving a speech at the 11th ICM on August 15
President Ts.Elbegdorj giving a speech at the 11th ICM on August 15

“The Summer Olympics, the symbol of harmonious unity of humankind, is successfully taking place in Brazil. Now, the ICM – the Olympics of Mongolists – has begun in Ulaanbaatar,” President Ts.Elbegdorj noted.

He added that the first conference of Mongolian language and literature researchers took place in 1959 in Ulaanbaatar. Back then, 40 researchers from 15 countries attended the conference and presented 34 seminars. President Ts.Elbegdorj praised researchers B.Rinchen and Ts.Damdinsuren, and 12 other notable academics, and commended their efforts in expanding the scope of Mongolian studies and promoting it internationally.

“The Mongolian state hasn’t averted from Mongolian studies at all. As the areas of studies expand, the Mongolian state policy must continue to focus on this sector. We must support young, enthusiastic and skilled researchers. I’d like to especially note that we mustn’t compete against one another,” Ts.Elbegdorj said at the end of his speech.

The ICM is being organized by the International Mongolian Studies Federation (IMSF), MNCMS, Office of the President, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, the Science and Technology Foundation of Mongolia, Mongolian Academy of Science (MAS), National University of Mongolia (NUM), Mongolian State University of Education, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolian University of Arts and Culture (MUAC), and the National Council on Language Policy.

In the afternoon, researchers joined sub-conferences under the topics “Mongolian Language and Script Studies”, “Mongolian History Studies”, “Mongolian Culture and Literature Studies”, “Mongolian Society and Economy Studies”, and “Mongolian International  Relations”.

Many participates were impressed by academics G.Chuluunbaatar and D.Tumurtogoo’s “Mongolian Studies and Sustainable Development” speech, and “How the Secret History of the Mongols was Written” by Christopher Atwood, professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department.


President Ts.Elbegdorj awarded state medals and titles to Mongolian and foreign academics who contributed in the development and promotion of Mongolian studies around the world.

Mongolian State Honored Scientist title recipients:

• Associate Professor at NUM G.Tserenkhand

• Senior academic at MAS’s Institute of Literature and Ph.D. J.Tsoloo

Red Banner of Labor Merit Medal recipient:

• Academic at MAS’ Institute of Literature R.Otgonbaatar

Order of Altangadas recipients:

• Russian member of the IMSF Boikova Elena

• Deputy Director in charge of Training and Academic Research of MUAC Ch.Altantsetseg

• Japanese member of the IMSF Hiroki Oka

• Head of Mongolian Language Studies Department at NUM M.Bayarsaikhan

• Inner Mongolian member of the IMSF J.Rinchindorj

• Professor at NUM’s Mongolian Language Studies Department D.Burnee

• Russian Mongolist at Irkutsk State University Lishtovannyi Yevgenii Ivanovich

• Inner Mongolian Member of the IMSF Kh.Choijinjav

• Professor at NUM’s Department of History D.Bayarsaikhan

• Inner Mongolian Mongolist and Director of Inner Mongolian Teachers’ University B.Burenjargal

• Academic at MAS’ Institute of History J.Gerelbadrakh

• French Mongolist at the University of Le Havre and Ph.D. Pierre Chabal

• Deputy Director of NUM’s School of Social Science P.Delgerjargal

• Head of MAS’ Institute of History and Archeology G.Myagmarsambuu

International members of the IMSF were awarded with the Friendship (Nairamdal) Medal by thr President of Mongolia.


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