The youngest athlete of the Mongolian Olympic team, 16-year-old B.Yesui competed in the women’s 50-meter freestyle, and set a new state record.

She came to the finish line within 28.40 seconds at the Olympics. The previous state record in the women’s 50-meter freestyle was 29.51 seconds, which was set by B.Yesui herself.

A total of 88 swimmers competed in the category, and B.Yesui came in 60th place.

The following is a brief interview with B.Yesui after the competition.

Congratulations on setting a new state record.

I am competing in the Olympic Games for the first time. I am very happy that Iset a new state record while competing against the world’s top athletes.

I trained for the Olympics in the USA for a month. That was really helpful, I think.

Did your father come to Brazil to support you?

Yes, my father is here. He watched the competition. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me. I am very happy that I competed in the Olympic Games for Mongolia.


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