A presentation during the Ulaanbaatar’s Socio-Economic Goal discussion

The first Ulaanbaatar’s Socio-Economic Goal discussion was successfully held on Thursday, under the implementation of the Happy City Program.

Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Khural Ts.Sandui presented opening remarks at the event. He said, “Thank you [citizens] for accepting our invitation and coming to share your suggestions for Ulaanbaatar’s development. In order to create a happy city, we want to ask you which projects implemented by the previous cabinet need to be moved forward, and which should be suspended over the next four years, including them in the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s action plan and in Ulaanbaatar’s socio-economic goals.”

The Happy City Program will be carried out in five directions: to protect and improve living standards; to create a stronger legal environment; to develop the finance, business, and investment sectors; to regulate settlement; and to renovate housing policy.

Under the program, Ulaanbaatar’s authorities say they will implement projects to build 45 kindergartens and schools, three hospitals, four sports complexes, two swimming pools, and five cultural centers.

The program’s organizers hope to create pleasant conditions for developing the nation’s education, healthcare, culture, sports, and tourism sectors, and carry out the City Without Smoke 2020 project to mitigate the country’s air pollution.

Ulaanbaatar’s leaders say they will also take measures to increase the flow of the Tuul, Selbe, and Dund rivers to create pleasant, comfortable, and healthy conditions for the public to enjoy the city’s riverbanks, and to intensify efforts to screen for cancer and improve disease prevention efforts.

They also said that road construction and expansion projects will continue, and projects to improve and expand power plants, the construction of new small-scale water treatment facilities, and a new ger district development policy will be carried out over the next four years.

Participants in Ulaanbaatar’s SocioEconomic Goal discussion thanked the city’s authorities for hearing their voices and suggestions.


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