State budget amendments to include 1.7 billion MNT for medal-winning athletes

Wednesday's Cabinet meeting

 During Wednesday’s regular Cabinet meeting, the Cabinet’s ministers reached a decision to include financing for outstanding monetary awards for medal-winning athletes in budget amendments, which are expected to be discussed in the irregular session meeting of Parliament to be held in late August.

Minister of Education, Culture, Sciences and Sports Yo.Otgonbayar said, “Mongolian athletes have  received gold medals from the Olympics, and more medals are expected this year. Therefore, the government should resolve financing for the outstanding monetary state awards for athletes who achieved success in 2015 at international competitions, as well as for the successful Mongolian athletes competing in the Rio Olympics.”

By law, the government should present monetary awards to athletes and coaches who have achieved success in the Olympics Games, international, and continental competitions. However, the issuing of awards from the state have been suspended in recent years. In 2015, a total of 2,069 athletes and coaches qualified for monetary awards by winning medals in 13 types of sports competitions, and the state owes 1.7 billion MNT in outstanding monetary awards.

So far, the state has issued 1.3 billion MNT to Mongolia’s medal-winning athletes.



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