Japan wants to import Mongolian coal

Japanese and Mongolian representatives meeting in Ulaanbaatar

The Ministry of Energy reported that a Japanese electricity company has expressed interest in importing coal from Mongolia.

On Monday, Deputy Minister of Energy T.Gantulga received a Japanese delegation headed by Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture Heita Kawakatsu.

Beginning the meeting, Deputy Minister T.Gantulga said that the Mongolian People’s Party won the elections with a majority of seats in Parliament and a new Cabinet has been formed. “The new Cabinet has the opportunity to work sustainably for the next four years. I hope that our collaboration will be fruitful and effective in the future,” Gantulga noted.

Governor Kawakatsu underlined that training for energy sector personnel carried out under cooperation between the two countries has been successfully implemented.

He said, “We are proposing purchasing energy coal from Mongolia. Analysis conducted on coal from the Shariin Gol, Alagttolgoi, and Shivee-Ovoo mines showed that they will be suitable for our power plant’s consumption. That’s why we are proposing cooperation with the Mongolian Energy Ministry.”

Deputy Minister T.Gantulga accepted receipt of the collaboration offer, and said that he will study the proposal.


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