Four Deputy Mayors appointed for Ulaanbaatar


Pursuant to a government resolution approved on August 3, 2016, the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar will now work with two deputies and two project coordinators. The project coordinators will operate under the status of Deputy Mayors of Ulaanbaatar.

Under the new city government structure, City Council Leader P.Bayarkhuu was appointed the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Deputy in Charge of Infrastructure, and City Council Leader J.Batbayasgalan was appointed Mayor S.Batbold’s Deputy in Charge of Green Development and Air Ppollution Affairs.

City Council Representative Sh.Ankhmaa was appointed Project Coordinator in Charge of Ger District Development and Social Affairs. The Mongolian People’s Party Deputy Chairman, D.Enkhtur, was  appointed coordinator of projects related to poverty reduction and employment.


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