Irregular session date to be announced at the end of August


According to rumors at the State Palace, the date of the irregular session of Parliament is expected to be announced by August 20. During the irregular session meetings, lawmakers plan to discuss and approve an amendment to the 2016 state budget, framework for an  integrated 2017 budget, a draft of 2018-2019 budget projections, and a draft resolution on adopting groundwork to develop the economy and society of Mongolia in 2017. The draft documents must be developed and submitted to Parliament in the near future.

“Children’s money”, monthly state welfare of 20,000 MNT given to every Mongolian child until they age of 18, is currently being suspended. Parliamentarians say it will resume distribution after amendments to the 2016 state budget are approved. Lawmakers are facing demands to make certain budget arrangements promptly, as the state budget has encountered a 1.2 trillion MNT deficit in  the first half of 2016.


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