Through the Friendly Ulaanbaatar program, 420 contortionists from provinces and Ulaanbaatar performed “The Myth of Mountains and Rivers” concert at Chinggis Square on August 6 to set a Guinness world record.

uran_nugaraachid_350_nugaralt (15)-094801-1812872164State Honored Artist, People’s Artist, and contortionist B.Norovsambuu led the 420 contortionists and prepared the performance, which set a Guinness world record for the act involving the most number of contortionists.

uran_nugaraachid_350_nugaralt (11)-094726-86246959Head of the Ulaanbaatar Ensemble R.Munkhsaikhan worked as executive director of the concert.

“The Myth of Mountains and Rivers” continued for 30 minutes. The performance comprised of several parts: Mother, River, Gathering of Snakes, and Queen Alungoo. Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) also took part in the performance.

190132-07082016-1470530709-2073796504-uran_nugaraachid_350_nugaralt_(24)1 Over 420 contortionists of 20 studios participated in the performance, including from the National Circus, Otgoo Studio, X-Roses Studio, Acrobat Center, Ulaanbaatar Ensemble, Shonkhoodoi Circus of Darkhan-Uul Province, Erdenes Circus of Erdenet Province, Sondor Circus of Dundgovi Province, and Dornyn Uyanga of Dornogovi Province.uran_nugaraachid_350_nugaralt (5)-094629-467596790


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