Prime Minister issues orders on social welfare and financial programs and policy


Prime Minister J.Erdenebat assigned his Cabinet ministers with carrying out specific actions to address ongoing issues with the nation’s social welfare programs, its low interest housing program, taxation, and monitoring of foreign currency.

The financing allotted from the 2016 state budget for “children’s money”, 20,000 MNT in state welfare provided monthly to every Mongolian child until the age of 18, has run out and the distribution of the welfare has been suspended. J.Erdenenbat ordered the Finance Minister to study sources of financing to resume distribution, and to present a proposal to Cabinet for the inclusion of financing in the draft of amendments to the 2016 budget.

The Prime Minister assigned the Minister of Construction and Urban Development with providing clarification on ipotek loan matters in order to study options to carry out the housing loan program in a more accessible way and to report on his findings in an upcoming Cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat instructed the Justice and Internal Affairs Minister to look into the possibilities of extending payment deadlines for entities that were closed after failing tax inspection, allowing them to pay half of the outstanding amount due and to give them more time to pay.

The Premier also ordered the Justice and Internal Affairs Minister to improve the monitoring of foreign currency, to examine its sources, to freeze wire transfers found to be illegal, and to take legal measures against the owner of illegally gained capital.

J.Erdenebat addressed all the cabinet ministers when ordering them to make the attraction of foreign investment a priority for financing programs and projects, rather than seeking out loans; to promote the purchase of domestic products; to carry out all transactions for merchandise and services from state and private entities in MNT; and to set up strict monitoring within their ministries on the implementation of his orders.






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