Mongolian tankers during IAG 2016

Mongolian soldiers are participating in the tank biathlon competition of the International Army Games (IAG) 2016, which began at Moscow’s Alabino shooting range on July 30.

The IAG features competitions in 23 disciplines. More than 3,000 soldiers of 121 teams from 19 countries across the world are taking part in the competition, which is monitored by observers from 11 countries. China has sent 22 teams, the largest number of teams sent from a single country this year. Twenty-one teams from Kazakhstan, nine teams from Belarus, six teams from Egypt, and seven teams from Iran are battling in 23 games. As for Mongolia, the Ministry of Defense has sent its best tank crew, which will be utilizing on a yellow T-72B3 tank.

A large number of visitors, including defense ministers from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, have joined the audience. The Russian Ministry of Defense promised that this year the competition will be more dynamic and that the number of targets will increase from five to eight.

The IAG 2016 is the third international army competition that Mongolian soldiers have taken part in. The Mongolian Ministry of Defense considers this a clear indication of good, effective, and friendly cooperation in defense between Mongolia and other nations. The ministry is confident that Mongolian soldiers will succeed in the IAG.

As of Day 2 of the IAG, Mongolia placed seventh in the tank biathlon, with 29 minutes and 31 seconds on the clock, falling nearly six minutes behind the winning team, Russia.

A total of 12 teams will participate in the semi-final races, unlike last year when there were only eight teams heading to the finals. The final round of the tank biathlon will be held on August 13, the closing day of the games.

Mongolian tankers at Moscow's Alabino shooting range
Mongolian tankers at Moscow’s Alabino shooting range



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