Mongolia cancels registration of 14 North Korean ships operating under Mongolian flag


Arirang News reported on Wednesday that the Government of Mongolia has cancelled registration and terminated its contracts with 14 North Korean ships operating under the Mongolian flag, which is believed to be a response to mounting pressure from the United Nations to implement sanctions against North Korea.

The U.S. government-funded Voice of America (VOA)confirmed that there have been no North Korean vessels operating with a Mongolian flag since Mongolia’s sanction implementation report was submitted to the UN Security Council’s DPRK  sanctions committee.

Mongolia had allowed more than 400 foreign ships, including North Korean vessels, to operate under the Mongolian flag prior to the adoption of UN resolution 2270 after a nuclear test was conducted by the DPRK in January 2016. The resolution blacklisted 27 ships operated by the North Korean shipping company Ocean Maritime Management.

VOA highlighted that 41 countries have outlined their action plans to the UN so far, including those who are considered to have amicable ties with North Korea, such as Uganda, South Africa, and Vietnam. A South Korean foreign affairs ministry official tolf Arirang News that the active participation of UN members to implement sanctions against North Korea shows that the international community is aware of, and willing to address, the DPRK’s nuclear ambitions, adding that recent state and official visits by South Korean government officials to the DPRK’s allies have contributed to bringing about such results.


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