Busan-Ulaanbaatar cooperation to expand with regular direct flights


Mongolia and the Republic of Korea are working to make Busan-Ulaanbaatar direct flights regular to develop cooperation and relations between the two cities. South Korea’s Air Busan started conducting direct flights to Mongolia twice a week on June 24.

Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold received a Korean delegation led by Mayor of Busan Suh Byung-soo. During the meeting, the sides signed an agreement to develop friendly relations between the two cities, officially commencing their collaboration.

Mayor S.Batbold underlined that the agreement was vital for landlocked Mongolia, stating, “Cooperation with Busan is of great importance for Mongolia, as the city is Korea’s second biggest city with industry and logistics developed.”

During the meeting, S.Batbold expressed interest in intensifying the exchange of expertise, and to cooperate in urban planning and development and the economy.

Mayor Suh said, “Although we have officially signed an agreement for establishing friendly relations today, we could say that cooperation between the two cities started earlier. The Mongolian Consulate in Busan opened on January 1. Busan and Ulaanbaatar also launched direct flights, which creates possibilities for Mongolia to cooperate with the southern regions of the Republic of Korea, intensifying cooperation and creating pleasant conditions for mutual travel, tourism, health, business, and the education sector.”


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