Mongolian Muay Thai fighter S.Batjargal has won a silver medal in the 67 kg event of East Asian Muay Thai Championships, which took place in Hong Kong from July 28 to 31.

He defeated fighters from Hong Kong and Macau in the preliminaries, and qualified to compete in the finals. In the finals, S.Batjargal lost to a Chinese fighter, and landed on silver.

S.Batjargal (left) during a match against a Hong Kong fighter

S.Batjargal is a member of Misheel Club, and he became the first Mongolian to win a medal from the East Asian Muay Thai Championships.

S.Batjargal will soon compete in the 5th Asian Beach Games, which will be organized by the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur and Olympic Council of Asia in Vietnam in September.



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