The 2016 National Triathlon Championship took place at Ugii Lake in Arkhangai Province from July 29 to 31.

Over 70 triathletes from provinces and Ulaanbaatar competed in this year’s championship. This is the fifth year Arkhangai is hosting the event.

During cycling contest

In this year’s championship, the organizers added aquathlon and team relay categories.

The oldest competitors of the tournament were 52-year-old Italian athlete Luciana Cosmo and 49-year-old Khangarid Sports Club member P.Gantulga.

In the men’s elite category, Ch.Gansukh of Khangarid Club won gold medal. He previously won the National Triathlon Championship in 2006.

Ch.Gansukh running after completing the swim portion
Ch.Gansukh running after completing the swim portion

In the women’s elite category, E.Surennyam of Khangarid Club claimed gold medal.

The elite category includes a 600-meter swimming contest, followed by 10,000 meters of cycling and 5,000 meters of running.

Below is the list of winners.

Men’s Elite

  1. 1. Ch.Gansukh (Khangarid Club)
  2. 2. Kh.Odgerel (Khilchin Sports Committee)
  3. 3. M.Turbold (Khangarid Club)

Women’s Elite

  1. 1. E.Surennyam (Khangarid Club)
  2. 2. S.Sanchirmaa (Khangarid Club)

Boys’ Triathlon

  1. 1. E.Saruulbayan (Khuch Sports Committee)
  2. 2. M.Turbold (Khangarid Club)
  3. 3. B.Bayar (Khuch Sports Committee)

Team relay

  1. 1. Khangarid Club – Team 1
  2. 2. Khilchin Sports Committee
  3. 3. Khangarid Club – Team 3


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