First session of Parliament to close this week


The first session of the new parliament will close this week after discussion of the dismissals and appointments of some full-time members of the state service council. Meanwhile, Cabinet is expected to make a final decision on the nominations of 13 deputy ministers and the appointment of governmental agency chairmen.

The parliamentary session was scheduled to close last week, but it was extended due to the Democratic Party group’s request to take a break of three working days to review the state service council membership on the grounds that some of the council members are on annual leave or have not yet submitted resignation requests.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat explained that deputy ministers will prevent operational delays in ministries, but some critics suspect that the deputy minister positions will be used to appease political rivals.

As the number of candidates for the deputy minister positions have increased, the Cabinet ministers have reached a decision to hold a vote for their selection. Before selecting deputy ministers, the ministers will evaluate the knowledge, professions, professional experience, and role in the party of the candidates.


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