Mongolia and China to expand collaboration in various sectors

Mongolian and Chinese representatives at cooperation agreement signing ceremony

Chinese representatives led by the Director of the Ningxia Chamber of Commerce (NCC) visited Mongolia from July 25 to 28, to discuss a broad scope of issues concerning cooperation between the two countries.

Yesterday, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and NCC organized a business meeting between entrepreneurs of the two countries, to exchange views on business environments, society and the economy, and to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the future.

To support the implementation of the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative and connecting it to the Mongolian Steppe Road initiative, the parties discussed and shared views on expanding trade, investment, and tourism sector collaboration between the two countries; and to cooperate in supporting economic development, improving social development, and citizen involvement in society.

During yesterday’s meeting, Chinese delegates signed cooperation agreements with Bayankhongor and Khuvsgul provinces, and with Zavkhan Province’s Zavkhan Food Group. Through these cooperation agreements, Mongolia and China hope to boost bilateral cooperation by working together to organize trade fairs, international forums, and conferences.

The meeting took place in the presence of the Deputy Head of the MNCCI, Director of the NCC, and other business representatives from the two nations.


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