Alibaba’s Jack Ma wants to cooperate with Mongolian businesses

Jack Ma at the meeting with Speaker M.Enkhbold

At a meeting with Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold on Wednesday, Founder and Chairman of China’s largest e-commerce website, Alibaba, Jack Ma expressed his willingness to collaborate with Mongolian entrepreneurs.

Beginning the meeting, the Speaker said that he met with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang during the ASEM Summit, and discussed possibilities for implementing several projects to ensure the sustainability of business and investment relationships between the two countries.

“The Mongolian People’s Party won the elections, and now comprises its government, implementing state policy. Because we’ve adhered to unpleasant policy for businesses and foreign investors over the last four years, many entities have closed their doors. We will change this situation and focus on creating a pleasant business environment, and providing sustainable support to businesses. I heard that you will give a speech to Mongolian entrepreneurs. I hope you will give them an understanding of strict business principles,” said Speaker M.Enkhbold.

Ma thanked Speaker M.Enkhbold for the reception and for his contribution to developing business relations between Mongolia and China.

Ma said, “The first time I came to Mongolia was in 2013. After three years, I’ve noticed many changes to society and economic conditions. I am happy to have the chance to talk with you about Mongolia’s business environment and its changes. I feel more motivated. The global economic crisis is brining many negative influences, but we still need to look for more possibilities. We are transferring to a technological era.

“Mongolia is a country with vast territory, great natural resources, and a small population. As you said before, Mongolia’s foreign policy wasn’t creating trust in foreign investors. We have conducted many studies and collected a lot of information about Mongolia in the past. I believe that Mongolia needs to improve its business conditions and develop its service and infrastructure sector. In the future, there will be internet and high-tech competition among the youth. Alibaba Group is interested in cooperating with Mongolian businesses in the service, agriculture, investment, and tourism sectors.”

The meeting between Ma and Speaker M.Enkhbold was attended by MP D.Sumiyabazar, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Department of the Office of the Parliament Ts.Narantungalag, and other officials.


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