Ulaanbaatar Railway provides clarification on train accident in Darkhan


Ulaanbaatar Railway reported on Tuesday that the train No.2504, which was transporting wood and wooden materials from Russia to China through Mongolia, crashed on July 23 in Darkhan, and five of its wagons went off track.

Ulaanbaatar Railway representatives said that the cause of the accident hasn’t been determined yet, but noted that the railroad could have softened due to a two-day
heavy rain in Darkhan.

“The accident didn’t cause any injuries or damage to the environment. After the accident, authorities of Ulaanbaatar Railway took prompt measures, and recovered the train. Currently, the railway traffic transportation is progressing normally,” said Ulaanbaatar Railway’s deputy director in charge of occupational safety and protection Ch.Erdenedalai.

The train maintenance and recovery was made from July 23 to 24, and a total of 7.8 million MNT was spent to reconstruct the damaged 40 meter railway. The freight carried out by the train was transferred to other trains to deliver it to China on time.

A working group of police and intelligence agency investigated to find whether there were external factors involved in the accident, but concluded that no external factors were found.

However, the final conclusion will be made on July 27, and Ulaanbaatar Railway will discuss its conclusion during its emergency meeting. Ulaanbaatar Railway representatives also said that Mongolia will have to pay a compensation to Russia as the train belongs to Russia.

“The train was commissioned between 1980 and 1997. Depending on its usage, Russia will determine its damage and report to us. We will discuss and resolve the compensation. Because the freight was delivered to China safely on time, we don’t have any payment issues with China,” said Erdenedalai.

Prior to Saturday’s accident, only two train accidents were registered in Mongolia in 1984 and 2006.


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