Museum of Morin Khuur in Inner Mongolia displays Altai zither

Mongolians delegates with officials of the Museum of Morin Khuur at Altai Zither granting ceremony

The Museum of Morin Khuur in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia has officially placed the Altai zither, a rare Mongolian musical instrument, among its exhibits on July 16.

Head of Mongolian folk group Burte D.Ganpurev, who restored the Altai zither, handed the instrument to the museum.

D.Ganpurev played the Altai zither at the concert for students of the Art College of  Inner Mongolia, during the introduction of the instrument at the college. Kalmyk Today newspaper reported that the concert hall was packed with audiences.

The 1400-year-old Altai Zither is an ancient nomadic cultural heritage and was found at an archeology dig in a tomb in Jargalant soum, Khovd Province. It is the first musical instrument to be found in Mongolia.

Altai zither was introduced in Yakutia, Buryatia, Turkey, Germany and France. It has been placed at the Sate Philharmonic of Elista, Republic of Kalmykia.


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