The youngest athlete of the Mongolian Olympic team will be swimmer B.Yesui. She will represent Mongolia in the women’s 50 m freestyle swimming event of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

She currently studies in 10th grade of School No. 4 in Orkhon Province. She is a member of the Mongolian national swimming team and Khangarid Sports Committee.

B.Yesui has been training in the swimming sport since she was six. She is an experienced athlete who competed in the Incheon 2014 Asian Games, Swimming World Cup 2014, and 2015 World Aquatics Championships.

The young swimmer also broke the state record in the women’s 50 m freestyle swimming event with a finish time of 29:51 during an international open tournament held in Singapore in 2015.

B.Yesui prepared for the Olympics at the Azura Swimming Pool in Miami, USA for a month. She is currently in Mongolia and reportedly is wrapping up her training.


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