‘Hustai National Park’ Exhibition


Mongolian photographers have recently traveled to the specially protected area of Hustai National Park (HNP) in Tuv Province, and shot beautiful photos of nature and animals in at the park.

The photographers are planning to unveil an exhibition of the photos taken during their travel at Blue Moon Art Gallery from August 1 to 9.

The HNP covers 50.6 hectares of land and is home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss, and 33 species of mushrooms. Forty-four species of mammals have been recorded, including red deer, Mongolian gazelle, roe deer, wild boar, wild sheep, ibex, Mongolian marmots, grey wolves, lynx, Pallas’s cat, red fox, corsac fox, and Eurasian badger.


Where: Blue Moon Art Gallery

When: August 1 to 9

Admission: Free

More Information: 89806021


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