President refuses to dissolve the Ministry of Industry


President of Mongolia Ts.Elebgdorj sent Prime Minister J.Erdenebat an official letter asking him to reconsider the proposed structure and composition of the new Cabinet.

Chairman of the President’s Office P.Tsagaan held a press conference, where he pointed out, “According to the proposal on the Cabinet’s structure and composition submitted by Prime Minister J.Erdenebat, a number of basic functional ministries have been added. It is speculated that through this decision members of Parliament will hold simultaneous position as members of Cabinet.”

He went on to say, “The Mongolian People’s Party, who claimed an absolute victory in the recent parliamentary elections, used to object to the assignment of simultaneous positions, and used to say that the executive authority and the legislature must have boundaries, differences in  responsibilities, and reciprocal monitoring of each other.

“However, the recently submitted proposal does not comply with their previous position and promise to the public. It also does not comply with the provisions and ideas of the bill on the structure and composition of Cabinet, which was discussed by the previous Parliament. Therefore the President of Mongolia has responded, saying he will not support the proposal.

“Secondly, The President does not approve of J.Erdenebat’s proposal to dissolve the Ministry of Industry, with operations that have been stable even though it was established late, and to transfer the ministry’s authority and obligations to other ministries.

“The Industry Ministry is functioning, stable, and it has received gratitude from national producers, which proves that Mongolia needs the ministry. The President believes that it is wrong to dissolve the Ministry of Industry, as it was established during the previous Parliament with the intention of preserving Mongolia’s economic independence, to help Mongolia become a producer country, to gain more economic independence, and to become an exporter.

“Thirdly, it is believed that a state and governance becomes more productive, sustainable, and energetic when their name, address, structure, and human resources remains intact. The proposal calls for changing the names of some ministries without clear reasons, calculations, or study. For instance, the proposal says the Foreign Affairs Ministry will be renamed the Foreign Relations Ministry.

“The proposal on the Cabinet’s structure and composition – a document with 81 pages – does not contain any figures. It was developed without any economic research. It is unclear how many people will be fired and how many people will be employed. Therefore, the President has made a request to redevelop the proposal.”



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