Mongolian peacekeepers receiving NATO Medals

The third shift of Mongolian peacekeepers received the honor of being awarded the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Medal earlier this month for taking part in Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan.

Many important guests, including Commander of the Kabul Security Force Brigadier Ian Thomas, attended the award ceremony. Mongolian peacekeepers were congratulated by other troops that were present at the ceremony.

Foreign peacekeepers highly complimented Mongolian peacekeepers saying, “It’s always encouraging to work together with Mongolian troops. Mongolian soldiers are responsible warriors who never lose focus or sight of their target.”

Performance by Mongolian peacekeepers after award ceremony
Mongolian peacekeepers demostrate Mongolian wrestling after award ceremony

Mongolian peacekeepers showcased the traditional cultures and customs of Mongolia, staging a cultural performance and Mongolian wrestling match at the end of the award ceremony.

Resolute Support led by NATO is a non-combat mission which provides training, advice, and assistance to Afghan security forces and institutions. Resolute Support was launched on January 1, 2015 and since then, three shifts of Mongolian peacekeeper have served in Afghanistan. The mission includes approximately 13,000 personnel from both NATO and partner countries, and operates with one hub in Kabul and four spokes in Mazar-e Sharif (northern Afghanistan), Herat (western Afghanistan), Kandahar (southern Afghanistan), and Laghman (eastern Afghanistan).


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