NRSO reports on social and economic conditions for first half of 2016


The National Registration and Statistical Office of Mongolia (NRSO) reported yesterday on data for the nation’s social and economic conditions as of the first half of 2016.

As of the end of June, the nation’s money supply reached 11.3 trillion MNT, which is result up by 634.4 billion MNT (6 percent) compared to May, and up by 1.2 trillion MNT compared to the same period in 2015 (12.5 percent).

The remainder of loans in arrears equaled 831.8 billion MNT by the end of June, a decrease of 53.9 billion MNT (6.1 percent) compared to May.

Non-performing loans reached 1.03 trillion MNT, down by 27.1 billion MNT (2.6 percent) compared to May and up by 261.7 billion MNT (33.8 percent) in comparison to the same period last year. Non-performing loans make up 8.6 percent of all loans, which is result down by 0.7 points from May and up by 2.1 points compared to 2015.

The equilibrated revenue and aid of the state budget was over 2.5 trillion MNT as of June 2016, and expenditure and the total amount of net lending reached over 3.6 trillion MNT.

In the first half of 2016, Mongolia traded with 132 countries and total external trade turnover reached 3.6 trillion USD, 2.1 trillion USD of which was made up by exports and 1.4 trillion USD by imports. The total trade turnover was down by 516.9 million USD (12.3 percent), export was down by 177.3 million USD (7.5 percent), and import was down by 3.3 million USD (18.5 percent). The nation’s foreign trade balance saw a profit of 693.8 million USD in the first half of 2016, which was a result up by 162 million USD in comparison to the same period in 2015.


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