State Emergency Commission reviews Naadam weather forecasts and measles outbreak response

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According to forecasts released by the Meteorology Institute on July 6, high temperatures are  expected to last until July 10, reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, rain is expected during the Naadam holiday, and starting from July 13, the temperature is expected to drop to 21 degrees Celsius, with the expectation of heavy rain, thunderstorms, and hail, reported D.Tsogt-Ochir from the Meteorology Institute.

During the third meeting of the State Emergency Commission, where the Meteorology Institute’s forecast was announced, Director of the Ministry of Health’s Health Policy Management Department S.Enkhbold spoke about the results of the State Emergency Commission emergency working group in charge of assessing this year’s measles outbreak and to formulate plans to prevent future outbreaks.

As of the first five months of 2016, 27,363 people were diagnosed as being infected with measles. As of last week, 116 individuals were diagnosed with measles, indicating that the number of new cases of measles has decreased by 26 percent compared to the previous week. S.Enkhbold emphasized that cases of infection have been reduced in the population of adults who have been immunized.

Chairman of the State Emergency Commission Ts.Oyunbaatar underlined that the emergency working group focused on the measles outbreak has concluded and instructed officials to continue carrying out immunization efforts as World Health Organization observers predict another measles outbreak in September.



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