Mongolian Khuushuur Festival to be held

Former Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag eating khuushuur with his family during Naadam Festival

The 2016 Mongolian Khuushuur Festival is going to be held from July 11 to 12 at Central Stadium to promote Mongolian national food.

The festival’s organizer will select two pavilions at the National Naadam Festival with the most unique khuushuur, two with the most delicious khuushur, and the two cleanest pavilions, and award each winner one million MNT and the opportunity to participate in a trade fair that will be held during Ikh Khurd and Ulaanbaatar’s Danshig Naadam.

The festival’s organizers say that they will organize art performances and entertaining events for National Naadam Festival visitors, including a khuushuur eating contest, a khuushuur making contest, and quiz competitions


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