Mongolian weightlifter M.Ankhtsetseg won one gold and two silver medals at the International Weightlifting Federation’s Junior World Championship, which was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, from June 23 to July 2. She returned to Mongolia on July 5.

An athlete of Aldar Sports Committee and International Sports Master, M.Ankhtsetseg competed in the women’s 75 kg category. She claimed the gold medal for her 138 kg clean and jerk. She lifted 115 kg in the snatch to capture a silver medal, and lifted 253 kg in total to win a silver medal for her overall score.

The following is an interview with the new weightlifting champion.

Congratulations on seizing a gold and two silver medals from the World Championship. How do you feel?

I am really, really happy. I didn’t lose the trust of Mongolians and became world champion. I fulfilled my long-term dream. Weightlifting athletes of Mongolia have been training hard since last year’s World Championship. As a result of that, I successfully participated in the Asian Championship and became the Asian champion. After that, I became world champion.

Did you have the chance to claim three gold medals from the World Championship? What do you have to say about your opponents?

A total of the top 14 weightlifters from 13 countries competed in the women’s 75 kg category. Mongolia was represented by two athletes.

Dekha Iryna of Ukraine won the gold medal in the category. She lifted 254 kg in total. I lifted 253 in total. I had a chance to secure three gold medals, but I lost.

Another Mongolian athlete, D.Enkhtamir, came in fifth place in the snatch.

I think this year’s World Championship was challenging for athletes preparing for Rio 2016.

Yes. The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games is about to start in Brazil in a month. The World Championship was an important tournament for athletes. I did it. I want to thank coach Ts.Khosbayar and everyone who supported me.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) said you won a bronze medal at the 2015 International Qatar Cup. You became the first Mongolian to seize a medal from the Qatar Cup.

During the 2016 World Championship, the IWF said that I won a bronze medal at the 2015 Qatar Cup.

Actually, I competed in the 2015 International Qatar Cup, held in Doha from December 6 to 9, and came in fourth place.

A weightlifter from Greece, Ananiadou Eftychia, took the bronze medal from the tournament. The IWF recently discovered that she was doping during the tournament. Then the IWF took her medal and gave it to me.

How did you step into the sport of weightlifting?

My parents are military personnel. They didn’t imagine that their daughter would become an athlete, especially a weightlifter. I liked basketball when I was a kid. One day, I started lifting dumbbells and fell in love with weightlifting. I was very responsible in pursuing my dream. I knew weightlifting was not a piece of cake, but I did it. Today I have achieved my goal.

I want to thank my teacher, Ts.Khosbayar. I also want to express my gratitude for the Mongolian National Olympic Committee, Aldar Sports Committee, Mongolian Weightlifting Federation, and Souvenir House.



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