DP and MPRP authorities accuse the MPP of election fraud


Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) Z.Enkhbold and Chairman of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) N.Enkhbayar called two press conferences in two days, held on Monday and Tuesday, to explain why the first meeting of the new Parliament should not be held.

Speaker Z.Enkhbold claimed that the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), who won 65  of Parliament’s 76 seats, obtained governing authority through  fraud, violating the Criminal Code. He stressed that there was manipulation of  the election process and the claim must be investigated independent of the involvement of the police, General Election Commission, and State General Registration Authority. In a statement made on Monday, Z.Enkhbold noted that he filed a request with the Constitutional Court to investigate four violations during the election.

A representative at the press conference stated, “First, a recording of a conversation between MPP Chairman M.Enkhbold and Chairman of Ulaanbaatar’s  MPP Committee M.Sandui about trading state positions when they take over governance, released before the election, should be investigated by legislative organizations, and people should hear the results of the investigation.

“Second, it has been revealed that a number of ballots counted by the paper ballot counting machine exceeded the manual counting by 234 votes in one electoral district. This is an incident in only one electoral district. The ballot counting should be double checked in all 76 electoral districts.

“Third, ballots cannot be copied, but in some provinces – including Bayan-Ulgii and Khentii – votes were cast on copied ballot papers because the official ballot papers had run out. Votes submitted on the copied ballot papers should not be eliminated from the election results, as it could affect the results.

”Fourth, a total of 18,000 citizens suddenly moved their state registration addresses from one place to another approaching the election. In particular, the incident occurred in Bayankhongor, Khuvsgul, and Uvs provinces. According to the law, a citizen should be residing at their address at least 10 days prior to an election to change their voting address. However, most of the voting address changes were made by the power of attorney of these voters.”

Participants in the press conference stressed that candidates elected to the new Parliament should take their oaths after these claims are investigated by legislative organizations. Z.Enkhbold added that it will take legislative bodies at least two weeks to investigate the claims, and said that the DP will follow up on demands to investigate what it believes were violations of the law.




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