Businesswomen Center opens to support female entrepreneurs

Inside the newly opened Businesswomen Center

On Tuesday, Ulaanbaatar’s first Businesswomen Center opened at Ulaanbaatar Administration Building Number 4 to increase the contributions of female businesses to the city’s economic development.

The center welcomes new and existing female business owners to take part in the center’s business, marketing, and financial support services. This center is being established under a three-year pilot Women’s Business Center (WBC) and Incubator Project, funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and implemented by The Asia Foundation, working together with the City Municipality and other partners, including Development Solutions, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Golomt Bank, and Golomt Securities LLC.

The Asia Foundation believes that women in Ulaanbaatar continue to face a range of cultural, financial, and legal barriers to their ability to start and grow businesses. It aims to foster women’s entrepreneurship, improve gender equality in the business sector, boost economic growth, and support the city’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Permanent Representative of KOICA to Mongolia said, “Women’s roles in society are great. There are many women that want to carry out business activities, but there wasn’t any organization that could help and improve them. In order to fill this empty space we have opened the Businesswomen Center. The center will provide possibilities for increasing the number of entities, and support businesswomen in developing their businesses.

Head of the Mongolian Wheelchair Association B.Chuluundolgor said, “We have problems with workplaces as businesswomen. When we want to create a project, we don’t know where to get advice. Opening such a center will not only provide us with professional advice, but we will have access to computers and printers. The center has even prepared a play room for children.”

The business center offers comprehensive services such as business information, regular business training, targeted consulting services, financial consulting and training, business incubation, and mentoring, and will host networking events and workshops. These services will be provided in collaboration with a number of local partners.


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