Team leaders of Mongolian and Inner Mongolian photographers displaying an artistic writing

Ten members of the Mongolian Photographers’ Union traveled to over 10 provinces, cities and towns in Inner Mongolia for a joint photo journalism tour with Inner Mongolian photographers from June 22 to 27, through the invitation of the Press and Publication Bureau of Inner Mongolia.

It was the first large-scale meeting of Mongolia and Inner Mongolian photographers, opening opportunities to exchange experience and compete with fellow photographers through a special photo shoot, and showcase their collaboration. Photographers were split into two teams. They traveled through Hohhot, Ordos and Bugat cities in the western part of Inner Mongolia, and witnessed beautiful scenic lands of Khailaar and Hulunbuir Grassland, one of the three famous grasslands in the world, in northern China. Photographers are preparing to launch an exhibition and a photo album with photographs collected during their journey.

The Mongolian team included experienced photojournalist L.Sanjmyagtav, professor and professional photographer B.Battulga, and S.Badamkhand. The Inner Mongolian side consisted of Head of Inner Mongolian Photographers’ Society Ev, editor of Photography magazine Bayanbulag, and photojournalist Oyundalai.

Inner Mongolia will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year and photographers have made a huge contribution in developing cooperation in promoting Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, said a Mongolian photographer.

The joint exhibition will be showcased in Mongolia in early August. The Mongolian Photographers’ Union plans to travel with Inner Mongolian photographer to beautiful natural and historic places around Mongolia and introduce them to Mongolian traditional cultures and nomadic lifestyle.