Mongolian People’s Party takes over Parliament


The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) has claimed an overwhelming victory over the ruling Democratic Party (DP) in the 2016 legislative and citizen representatives’ council elections, winning 65 out of 76 seats in Parliament, reported the General Election Commission of Mongolia on Thursday morning.

The DP claimed only nine seats in Parliament. Interestingly, one independent candidate and one member of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) won seats the 2016 parliamentary elections.

The attendance of eligible voters in the legislative election was at 72.1 percent nationwide, out of eligible 1,912,901 voters.

Unusual facts of the new Parliament

The eldest member of the MPP chaired the first parliamentary session of the new Parliament.

Forty out of 76 members of the new Parliament are newcomers, with many of the representing the public for the first time.

Youngest parliamentarian in history elected

Twenty-nine-year-old member of the MPP D.Gantulga became the youngest person in history to win a seat in the Mongolian parliament. He led in 42nd parliamentary electoral district, collecting 5,735 votes. D.Gantulga was previously the head of the Social Democracy Mongolian Youth Federation of Khentii Province.

Parliament with most women

Throughout 2016 to 2020, some 13 female parliamentarians are to represent Mongolia on the legislative level for the first time in history of Mongolia. The previous Parliament had 11 female members.

Only one out of the 13 elected women is from the DP, while the rest are members of the MPP.

Parliament of journalists, writers, wrestlers and singer

Many skillful writers and journalists, who express their mind with no fear of the consequences, were elected into the new Parliament. In particular, members of the MPP D.Sarangerel, M.Oyunchimeg and G.Munkhtsetseg

Sportsmen and wrestlers have always fared well in parliamentary election. This year’s election was no exception, with three state champion traditional wresters claiming seats in Parliament, namely B.Bat-Erdene, D.Sumiyabazar (re-elected) and A.Sukhbat (elected for the first time).

J.Bat-Erdene collects most votes

MPP member J.Bat-Erdene, who ran in Bulgan Province (10th electoral district), won most votes in this year’s election with a total of 16,329 votes to his name.

In terms of the percentage, Ts.Davaasuren won 63.75 percent the total votes in Khuvsgul Province (38th electoral district).

Member of Parliament O.Baasankhuu had least votes by percentage, winning only 30.1 percent of votes in Orkhon province (47th electoral district). He received 4,222 votes.

Parliament of family

Many sibling and family rivalry occurred during the 2016 parliamentary elections.

For instance, brothers S.Byambatsogt and S.Battsogt competed in the parliamentary elections from Khovd Province, resulting in S.Byambatsogt’s victory. Brothers Sh.Saikhansambuu and Sh.Batsambuu, who ran campaigns in Zavkhan Province, could not win seats in Parliament.

Siblings B.Saranchimeg and B.Narankhuu both won seats in Parliament. B.Narankhuu, known as one of the wealthiest people in Mongolia and founder and director of Mon Uran LLC, won a seat in Parliament from Dundgovi Province, while his older sister B.Saranchimeg, former director of the National Garden Park, was victorious in Bayanzurkh District’s 51st electoral district.




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