Mongolia to increase sea buckthorn export


The Ministry of Food and Agriculture reported that it is working toward increasing sea buckthorn exportation to foreign markets.

This year, Mongolia planted sea buckthorn in 5,860 hectares of land, and expects to harvest around 2,044 tons of sea buckthorn.

Mongolia started exporting sea buckthorn to Japan in 2010. The Fruits and Berries Association of Mongolia reported that it is seeking advice from Japan on sea buckthorn reserves, technology and packaging through the economic partnership agreement established between Mongolia and Japan.  Through the economic partnership agreement, sea buckthorn export customs tax is to be exempted. The customs tax on sea buckthorn in Japan was 14 percent before the agreement.

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry reported that sea buckthorn cultivation is highest in Selenge Province, at 19.6 percent, and in Uvurkhangai Province, at 13.2 percent. There are a total of 37 sea buckthorn processing factories in Mongolia, which have the capacity to process over 5,200 tons of sea buckthorn annually.

In 2015, Mongolia planted fruits and berries at around 6,000 hectares of land, 92 percent of which were for sea buckthorn.

A total of 1.08 million USD worth of sea buckthorn oil, fruit juice and dried leaves were exported to Russia, Japan and Singapore last year. Industry analysts underline that in order to increase sea buckthorn export, Mongolia needs to diversify sea buckthorn products and improve its packaging and labeling.


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