Z.Tsetsegzul, coach B.Battulga, and E.Purevjav

Mongolian memory grandmaster E.Purevjav and Asian master Z.Tsetsegzul have won second and third places respectively at the Extreme Memory Tournament 2016 (XMT 2016), which took place in San Diego, the USA, from June 24 to 26.

The top 24 memory athletes of the world competed in five categories at the Extreme Memory Tournament: names, cards, images, numbers, and words.

Asian master Z.Tsetsegzul won bronze medal after beating top ranking athlete and winner of the Extreme Memory Tournament 2015 Johannes Mallow of Germany 4:1.

In the finals, grandmaster E.Purevjav seized silver medal. He lost to world’s fifth ranking athlete and world champion Simon Reinhard from Germany. In the quarterfinals, he defeated 2015 world memory champion Alex Mullen of the USA 4:3. This victory was the most sensational of the tournament.

A total of five memory athletes of the Mongolian Intellectual Academy competed in the XMT 2016.

The prize fund of the XMT 2016 was 75,000 USD. The first place winner received 20,000 USD, second place 12,000 USD, and the third place winner was awarded 6,000 USD in cash prize.


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