73 million head of livestock counted in 2016

Mongolian herder with his livestock

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture reported that Mongolia’s livestock population reached 73 million head in 2016.

Even though the livestock census resulted in one of the highest counts in recent years, some specialists warn that there is a danger of exceeding Mongolia’s grazing capacity with such a large number of livestock. Zasgiin Gazriin Medee, a local outlet reporting government news, said that 29 million head of livestock is considered a suitable number to maintain grazing capacity throughout the nation. Industry specialists say that due to a growing number of livestock and compromised grazing capacity, the country may see negative impacts such as drought and low biodiversity across the country.

The Agricultural Training and Information Center reported that the number of livestock was maintained at around 30 million head until 2000, but it has nearly tripled over the past 15 years as a result of pleasant weather conditions.


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