Zveri to perform in Mongolia


Russian pop rock band Zveri will perform a concert in Mongolia on September 2 through the invitation of SHAMK Entertainment and AIST television channel in Mongolia, according to MONTSAME.

The concert aims to promote the efforts for saving the mazaalai (Gobi bear) around the world under the motto “Sing for Mazaalai”.

Zveri was formed in mid-2002 by Roman Bilyk, the lead singer of the band, better known as Roma Zveri. The band was named after his nickname. He was soon joined by Maksim Leonov on the guitar, Kostya Labezkiy on the bass, Kirill Antonenko on the keyboard and Misha Kraev on the drums, and the group began work on their debut album “Golod” (Hunger), released in February 2003.

In March 2004, Zveri released their second album, entitled “Rayony-Kvartaly” (Regions-districts).

The group’s third album “Kogda my vmeste, nikto ne kruche” (When we are together, no one is cooler) was released in March 2006.

Zveri’s fourth studio album, “Dalshe” (Further) was released in November 2008. Zveri song “Kvartira” is featured in the Grand Theft Auto IV video game.





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