Mongolian boxers Kh.Enkh-Amar and E.Tsendbaatar won qualifications for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics at the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament, which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan from June 17 to 25.

Champion of the Chemistry Cup, Czech Grand Prix, and Summer Universiade Kh.Enkh-Amar, competed in the men’s 52 kg division, and won a bronze medal after defeating Tanes Ongjunta of Thailand 3:0.

Boxer E.Tsendbaatar fought in the men’s 56 kg and won an Olympic qualification after beating Juan Reyes Donis of Guatemala 3:0.

Mongolian boxers Kh.Enkh-Amar (52 kg), E.Tsendbaatar (56 kg), N.Shinebayar (75 kg) and S.Erdenebayar (81 kg) competed in the tournament.



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