Through the Friendly Ulaanbaatar Program, 14 entertainment events are scheduled to take place in Ulaanbaatar this summer and fall.

Several summer events have already been organized, namely the Ulaanbaatar Book Fair, World Circus in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar Marathon 2016, Saint Muse Festival, and Ulaanbaatar-Viennese Waltz Night.

Below is the list of entertainment events set to take place in Ulaanbaatar this summer and fall.

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  1. Hi. I have not been able to view the list on this page after several attempts. It is just blank space under the line, “Below is the list of entertainment events set to take place in Ulaanbaatar this summer and fall.” Could someone please update this? I would really like to put some things on the calendar for this fall. Thanks so much!


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