Food and Agriculture Ministry to develop greenhouse farming

Former Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag visiting greenhouse

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture reported that this year the ministry plans to increase greenhouse farming throughout the nation to see yields of 6,000 tons in domestically grown fruits and vegetables.

The ministry believes that by developing winter greenhouse farming, Mongolia will be able to produce cucumber, tomato, peppers, strawberry and other produce beyond summer growing seasons, and replace around 20 percent of vegetables and fruits currently being imported.

Last year, Mongolia harvested around 4,400 tons of vegetables from greenhouses, approximately six percent of domestic vegetable consumption. The ministry reported that there are around 1,000 entities and individuals engaged in greenhouse farming, over 100 of which are located in Ulaanbaatar and Tuv Province.

A total of 150 entities requested 311.5 billion MNT in loans for greenhouse farming projects, and 27.3 billion MNT in financing has been issued to entities from Chinggis Bond funds.


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