Mongolia’s legislation discussed with World Bank’s governance specialists

Mongolian and World Bank representatives at Tuesday's meeting

Secretary General of the Office of the Parliament B.Boldbaatar met with a World Bank delegation led by Governance Specialist at the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice Elin Bergman on Tuesday to discuss legal and regulatory processes in Mongolia.

Beginning the meeting, the World Bank delegation thanked B.Boldbaatar for the reception and said that World Bank will complete a review of Mongolia’s regulatory policy and its delivery at the request of the Cabinet Secretariat.

Bergman said that because progress has been achieved in regulatory policy and key laws, World Bank concluded that a diagnostic tool can be utilized in Mongolia. She said that following their review, World Bank will issue recommendations. The World Bank delegates said that they are holding meetings and exchanging opinions on the challenges faced in implementing the Law on Legislation and other major laws.

Bergman asked B.Boldbaatar about the effects of the Law on Legislation on the activities of the Office of the Parliament. B.Boldbaatar said that the law aims to monitor laws being passed by Parliament, and to make some changes to the implementation of laws. He said that the law also ensures the public’s participation in adopting laws.


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