Batbaatar Namsraijav presented his new exhibition, “Spring Warmth”, at Blue Moon Art
Gallery in Ulaanbaatar. The young artist’s paintings of natural landscapes and wide open spaces was on view through June 15.

Namsraijav graduated from the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in 2009, majoring in art. He received the “Best Student” award from the President of Mongolia and the Prime Minister of Mongolia when he was a student, and was an artist and illustrator at Ekh Oron Television in 2010 after graduating. He became director of Mongolian Art Gallery in 2013, and honored as a Cultural Merit Artist in 2014.

“During the Storm”

The artist’s past solo exhibitions include “Portrait” in 2010 at Xanadu Art Gallery, and “Anir” at Khan Bank Art Gallery in 2011. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad.

“Spring Warmth” featured landscapes from Mongolia and abroad, and was a real feast for the eyes, especially for lovers of the outdoors and nature.

The images explored the diversity of the Mongolian countryside and all it has to offer: stunning landscapes, clear blue skies, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and its nomadic people. Among the highlights of this exhibition is the impressive painting “Otgontenger”. The large scale of the mountain, its vivid colors, and the soft light captured engulfs the viewer, emanating a peaceful atmosphere. A little different, but no less interesting, was “During the Storm”. This powerful piece represents man and animal united in the elements, with a man riding a camel, struggling to move forward in a desert storm.

The paintings were varied in scale, which made the solo exhibition all the more pleasing. The largest canvases were the first to catch the eye, but two panoramas and gorgeous smaller works, including “Sound of the River”, were not to be missed.

Namsraijav’s “Spring Warmth” was definitely worth a visit for those looking for paintings that please the viewer, and it gave viewers a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Mongolia without leaving the city.



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