Spring sowing at 60 percent completion nationwide

Spring sowing in Selenge Province

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture reported that spring planting is ongoing, currently at 60.1 percent throughout the country.

This year, sowing will cover 385,200 hectares nationwide. Farmers will plant seed on 323,000 hectares, 301,500 hectares of which will be for wheat, 13,400 hectares for potato, vegetables will be planted on 7,100 hectares, forage on 16,300 hectares, and oil seed on 25,300 hectares.

The ministry says that, as of today, wheat has been sown on 203,200 hectares, potato on 6,900 hectares, vegetables on 2,500 hectares, forage on 11,300 hectares, and oil seed on 8,700 hectares. Currently, spring crops cover 231,600 hectares.

Under spring sowing preparation plans, a total of 250 entities have received 8,500 tons of wheat seed, 377 entities have received 1,700 tons of diesel fuel, 147,700 tons of pesticides and herbicides were given to 191 entities, and 7,900 tons of fertilizers were distributed to 365 entities through the Crop Promotion Fund, paid for with payment plans allowing 10 to 50 percent advance payments.

The ministry reported that the nation’s spring sowing is expected to end by the beginning of June.



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